Roberto Leibman: Libertarian for California State Senate, District 1

My Promise

If Elected to the Office of State Senate I will:
  1. Stop (or vote to stop funding) prosecution of medical marijuana users, and propose legalization of drugs, starting with marijuana
  2. Vote against any new law if the law doesn't have a sunset provision
  3. Vote against all tax hikes.
  4. Vote against all new taxes.
  5. Vote against all discretionary spending increases.
  6. Vote against all new gun control laws.
  7. Stop (or vote to stop funding) any warrantless searches or other violations of privacy by state law enforcement agents.
  8. Vote in favor any laws that allow parents greater control of their children's education, with the goal of eventually eliminating public schools.
  9. Vote in favor of laws restricting the use of state resources in helping the Federal government violate our rights through provision of the USA Patriot Act (i.e. I favor Senate Joint Resolution 22)
  10. Vote to stop government intervention in the institution of Marriage.
  11. I will thoroughly read every piece of legislation before deciding my vote on it.

Roberto Leibman